Personal Training/Life Coaching

We blend personal training with life coaching. After years of training clients, we've discovered that the only way to make lasting change requires an alignment of your values with your thoughts and actions. Just working on your life from a coaching perspective overlooks how you move, feed and feel in your body. And only moving your body without awareness of what you really want and how to get there can result in injury, loss of motivation and feeling like you're running on a treadmill and not getting anywhere.

Life Coaching

Sometimes it's not possible to meet with your trainer in person or you're injured but still interested in improving yourself. We can focus on the coaching either in person or on the phone. We'll use some assessments, goal setting and conversation to design the life you've always known was possible, but wasn't sure how to achieve. We'll guide you through conversation, exercises and homework to move you forward towards fulfilling your goals.

Group Classes

One of the things that has grown organically through our years of training is a desire for group classes. You can save money, commune with your friends and neighbors and learn from each other. We have a number of neighborhood groups of moms that find a 6am class a great time to connect and catch up with neighbors while exercising. The cost of the class is split up between the number of participants, making it a very cost effective, and still personalized class.


Public Speaking

Are you part of a group or organization that would like a speaker to come and talk about the mind body connection? We have experienced and entertaining speakers that will customize a talk for your group. We can cover martial arts, meditation, moms, emotions and your body or another topic related to healthy bodies and minds. Reach out and we can start a conversation about what you need!


We are in the connection business. Connecting you with your body, with your needs and your goals. We will help you to uncover habits and  thought patterns that don't serve you anymore. It's possible they were helpful to keep you safe during a particular time in your life and now you don't need them anymore. We can teach you new habits that will lead you live a more joyful, fulfilling life.


Next Steps...

Please give us a call or shoot us an email, and we'll schedule a free 30 minute consultation. We won't bite, call!